About Us

Original Portrait Drawings That Will Make You Believe in Magic

At Graphcoal Portrait, we are dedicated to the timeless art of charcoal portraiture. With a passion for capturing the intricate details and emotions that make each individual unique, our skilled artists employ their expertise to create stunning charcoal portraits that leave a lasting impression.

Graphcoalportrait.com is a combination of the two pencil names graphite and charcoal pencil and we decided that the company name should be Graph-coal Portrait.

Our specialised services include charcoal portraits and graphite pencil portrait drawings.

graphcoalportrait.com is well-known for handmade portrait paintings and drawings that transform your photos into handmade portrait paintings.

We also make the painting in other painting mediums such as oil painting, color pencil, acrylic and watercolor whether the photo is blurred or damaged as well as per your demand our artist team compiles different photos of you and gives you an outstanding painting, which we call a Compilation Portrait. We have such professionals on hand to provide a natural feel to the compilation portrait.

We are working with the best and most experienced and talented artists in the world. Our artist team is very skilled at turning your photos into wonderful art. Besides decorating the walls of every house, our company is working to create a house about you in the mind of your loved one by gifting portrait paintings and keeping your loved one always in your memory.

Our services: human portraits, pet portraits, house portraits, landscape and seascape paintings.

With paintings, we also offer framing services to customers based on their needs.

We offer express shipping for urgent paintings for gifts to loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

We have a well-experienced team including artists, graphic designers, digital marketers, software developers, programmers, a technical team etc. to provide you with excellent service. We have outstanding specialise artists for each colour medium who will complete your portrait on time and ensure you are 100% satisfied with the artwork.

We have the best courier partners FedEx and DHL to deliver your museum-quality artwork all over the world carefully and safely to your doorstep.